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[ sábado, enero 03, 2004 ]

???? avapvfopuli [9:22 p. m.]

[ domingo, noviembre 30, 2003 ]

Me mueve--

I am moving. Keeping the archives here until I can figure out how to keep them there, but I am off to a new spot where I can post photographs--cut off toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long from upgrading. If anyone is still out there, FYI, it's now at typepad, which is a new easy to use service supplied by moveable type.

Blogger has been great, trained me, got me started--for which I am deeply grateful--but time to move on.

Ta-Ta!!! (That's, for you who didn't click on the blue.) avapvfopuli [10:08 p. m.]

[ martes, noviembre 18, 2003 ]

So I monitor earthquakes...

But who can resist a 7.8 in the Rat (oui, raton, rata) Islands, part of the Aleutian volcanic chain, 95 km (60 miles) SW of Semisopochnoi Island, Alaska?

The region surrounding the Rat and Buldir Islands portion of the Aleutian arc is highly seismic. The largest earthquake known to have affected this region was the magnitude 8.7 event of February 1965, which was one of the largest earthquakes of the twentieth century. The 1965 earthquake ruptured an approximately 400 kilometer-long patch on the Pacific-North American plate boundary, and generated a tsunami that was 11 meters high in the Aleutians. Despite the large magnitude of the 1965 earthquake, there were no fatalities and only minor damage and flooding due to the sparseness in population in the epicentral area. (thanks U.S. Geological service et. al.)

While a tsunami warning has been issued for the coastal areas from Sand Point to Attu and from Kodiak to Sand Point, Alaska, according the NEIC's news release, the event has been kind. avapvfopuli [11:26 p. m.]

[ domingo, noviembre 16, 2003 ]

Yes, I do know what date it is....

I have been off blog--off world, as it were--meeting a very insistent deadline, the sleep-eat-type-work-type-eat-sleep kind with NO LIFE. Whew! C'est fini! In my absence, I note numerous and ferocious earthquakes, a world still in turmoil, in my dear confused city an autumn both unseasonably warm and swift as quicksilver. Entonces, my profuse apologies to any of you who have occasionally cliqued, wondered and gradually cliqued no more. Je suis ici--estoy aqui--you know the drill. avapvfopuli [12:35 a. m.]

[ viernes, septiembre 26, 2003 ]

When the earth moves at 8.0 and the sea follows,

it is not just a matter of idle interest. I have contacted Pure Land Mountain in Japan, but no word as yet. It is also not lost on me that Basho's Travels to the Far North went through Hokkaido. I hope for the best.

Edward Said has died of pancreatic cancer after an incredibly long battle, and that is terribly sad. There are, as Richard Wilbur said some time ago, no proportions in dying. avapvfopuli [12:41 a. m.]

[ martes, septiembre 23, 2003 ]

Hot Dawg! I told you I would tell you!

This fall marks the first New York Butoh Festival, a festival celebrating the origins and the international evolution of this vital form. The festival runs from October 11-19, with performances, workshops, master-classes, and exhibitions at various locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn - including The Japan Society and Theater for the New City. Bhutoist Jeff Janeshewski has been working on this festival for the past two years with his friends at CAVE Gallery. I encourage you to check them out!

The festival presents performances by emerging artists and established masters from Japan, Sweden, Seattle, San Francisco and NY. Plus, there are a number of intensive workshops and master classes by the three main performers: Yukio Waguri (Japan), SU-EN (Sweden) and Joan Laage (Seattle).

For more information:
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[ lunes, septiembre 22, 2003 ]


It has been that long, huh? I shall have to post someting soon. In the meantime, please note the whopper in Myanmar--which, I am told, some persons want to call Burma. 6.5. And then today, on our side of the world, close to home and not particularly good news -- another estimated 6.5:

A strong earthquake occurred about 10 miles (20 km) north of Santiago, Dominican Republic or about 95 miles (150 km) north northwest of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on Sep 22 at 12:45 AM. The magnitude and location may be revised when additional data and further analysis results are available, says the National Earthquake Information Center. Minor damage reported at Santiago, Dominican Republic. Also felt in western Puerto Rico. We hope for the best.
avapvfopuli [8:28 a. m.]

[ miércoles, septiembre 10, 2003 ]

For those of us who haven't seen Mars face to face yet...

I have a tin telescope--painted nail polish red--made at the Five & Dime and passed on to me by an old flame's nephew. I wish I could figure out the thing: you look into a small sighting lens on top, when you zero in on the object of your desire you immobilize the apparatus and look through the larger lens. Piece of cake, right? I have never been able to see squat through it; I have advertised on EBay to sell it to someone with more mechanical acumen than I; but there it sits. One more dustcatcher in an apartment which has needed a good spring cleaning for far too many springs.

But when I leave the bus and come up the hill, ducking under the linden trees on the side of the road which construction has stood still--when I stand up with the trees that persist and breathe in their oxygen, I now hear katydids and smell acrid composting leaf smell. Fall on its way, as best as it can in these troubled times.

I love my top floor eyrie that looks out over the treetops of my small corner of the city--New York City, mind you. That the god of war is swooshing closeby is not news. Better the planet, though; not its cruel avatar.

avapvfopuli [12:51 a. m.]

[ miércoles, agosto 27, 2003 ]

The Virtues of Cats

Having received note of a 5.0 in Hawaii, I read in the Hawaii Star Bulletin the following:

In Kailua-Kona, Mike Stanton said the quake was one of the most significant he had felt in recent memory.

“The house was moving,” Stanton said. “It made the lamps vibrate and it made small creaking noises.”

The vibrations awakened Stanton’s five cats, who remained alert long after the end of the quake — which he said lasted about 12 seconds.

In case you haven't noticed, I have been on a slight [working] vacation for a few days: I will return in a little less than a week, oh my mystery readers (if, in fact, you do exist.) Pax vobiscum.

avapvfopuli [12:40 p. m.]