Resplendant Reflections/Roving Revistas

[ domingo, mayo 04, 2003 ]

(Actually, it's 11 May 2003)

Bienvenidos, Compañeros, Friends and Reader(s)!

Why am I doing this? A certain nostalgia, a yen for the old journalistic beat with reviews weekly, and my life organized around opening nights? The smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd? All the reflective pieces and offbeat reviews I wanted to do, but couldn't?

It just seemed like a good idea.

I notice that tomorrow of six days ago was el Cinco de Mayo (Ay-yai, yai-yai) so it seemed as good a time as any to catch that mariachi by the coattails with my little blogacita. Upon the occasion of Cinco de Mayos of yore, I used to celebrate Mexico's National Holiday at an appropriately designated restaurant with a certain friend, no more Mexican than I am, and fajitas and margueritas, fajitas y margueritas, molés y margueritas, flan y margueritas y margueritas, y margueritas... Those days are gone. The friend has disappeared into the horizon, someplace in Boston, I think, or into a twelve step program; and I, alas, no longer carry on in such a disgraceful fashion.

Entonces, imagine your invisible reflector, revistor, resplendant as Quetzal, feathers poking out from under a large sombrero, in white shirt and pants, a double magazine of fountain pens criss-crossed over my chest. ¡Viva Mexico! ¡Viva la Revolucíon!

¡Viva la reflecíon!

EN ROUTE: (An opening night--hot dawg!) For all Newjorquinos, please note that next week I shall sink my teeth into the following:

Collision Theory's
"Portrait (with Horse and Others)"

Conceived, directed, and choreographed by Stephanie Gilman and
K Tanzer

Song lyrics and texts by Patricia Eakins
Music by Jon Madof

A town beyond time. Talking bones, an edible library, and a horse that
thinks aloud. Collision Theory's fusion of movement, music and text yields
a potent theater of images that links the familiar and the fantastic. In
PORTRAIT (WITH HORSE AND OTHERS) the company presents a theatrical
meditation on love, war, and memory, featuring live music.

May 17th - June 7th
On the main stage at HERE
145 Sixth Avenue (between Spring and Broome)
New York City, NY

Tickets and information 212-647-0202

avapvfopuli [12:32 p. m.]