Resplendant Reflections/Roving Revistas

[ viernes, septiembre 26, 2003 ]

When the earth moves at 8.0 and the sea follows,

it is not just a matter of idle interest. I have contacted Pure Land Mountain in Japan, but no word as yet. It is also not lost on me that Basho's Travels to the Far North went through Hokkaido. I hope for the best.

Edward Said has died of pancreatic cancer after an incredibly long battle, and that is terribly sad. There are, as Richard Wilbur said some time ago, no proportions in dying. avapvfopuli [12:41 a. m.]

[ martes, septiembre 23, 2003 ]

Hot Dawg! I told you I would tell you!

This fall marks the first New York Butoh Festival, a festival celebrating the origins and the international evolution of this vital form. The festival runs from October 11-19, with performances, workshops, master-classes, and exhibitions at various locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn - including The Japan Society and Theater for the New City. Bhutoist Jeff Janeshewski has been working on this festival for the past two years with his friends at CAVE Gallery. I encourage you to check them out!

The festival presents performances by emerging artists and established masters from Japan, Sweden, Seattle, San Francisco and NY. Plus, there are a number of intensive workshops and master classes by the three main performers: Yukio Waguri (Japan), SU-EN (Sweden) and Joan Laage (Seattle).

For more information:
avapvfopuli [10:24 p. m.]

[ lunes, septiembre 22, 2003 ]


It has been that long, huh? I shall have to post someting soon. In the meantime, please note the whopper in Myanmar--which, I am told, some persons want to call Burma. 6.5. And then today, on our side of the world, close to home and not particularly good news -- another estimated 6.5:

A strong earthquake occurred about 10 miles (20 km) north of Santiago, Dominican Republic or about 95 miles (150 km) north northwest of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on Sep 22 at 12:45 AM. The magnitude and location may be revised when additional data and further analysis results are available, says the National Earthquake Information Center. Minor damage reported at Santiago, Dominican Republic. Also felt in western Puerto Rico. We hope for the best.
avapvfopuli [8:28 a. m.]